About Us

Nature holds so many incredible things! The combination of Botanicals and Herbs through Essential Oils have excellent soothing and moisturizing properties and blended with the benefits of Aromatherapy create the best that nature has to offer.

It is this very thought that sparked our interest in providing the most amazing things that are found in Nature. Using premium Botanical Oils and Essential Oils that nurture with vital nutrients to help restore and rejuvenate your skin. Add in incredible Scents that will calm your senses and energize your well being in a busy and hectic world. For thousands of years, people have known that Herbs & Botanicals held special beneficial uses, rediscover and reconnect with Nature in a healthy and simpler way.

Missoula Montana, home of Whispering Creek Botanicals Natural Skin Care, is surrounded with incredible mountains that reach to the sky and trees that tower tall, high mountain meadows infused with the mingling scents of Wildflower and Pine. Here, while out on a afternoon ramble alongside a crystal clear creek, surrounded with Wild Rose and fresh green Wild Mint, the idea of Whispering Creek Botanicals Natural Skin Care was born!

Our Products are Paraben Preservative Free

We use plant based mild preservatives that are globally accepted instead of controversial Parabens. We have also decide against the use of Mineral Oils (a petroleum by-product) that may block the pores of your skin, interfering with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, thus slowing down the skin’s natural functions.

We love the study of what Nature has to offer us and are excited to introduce to you the amazing benefits that plants, through wonderful botanical emollients and time proven Essential Oils, can offer!