Whispering Creek Paw Treatment

Whispering Creek Paw Treatment
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Whispering Creek Paw Treatment will Moisturize and Protect your "Pup's" Paws, Pads & Nose. Protecting  from Harsh Elements, Cold Icy Winter Weather, Hot Sand & Pavement, Rugged Terrain or Simply Sidewalk Miles, our moisturizing Natural formula gives relief from dryness and will help to condition and keep your Pet's Paws healthier!

Designed for Dogs "Big & Small" this soft , easy to apply creamy salve will Nourish and Protect. It is fast to absorb and non-greasy "No worries" if your pet licks at it ....  as it is created with all Natural & Pure  ingredients.

Directions: Scoop out a small amount , rub between your fingers and gently massage into your Dog's Paws, Pads & Nose.  If your Pup is out in Snow & Ice conditions add a bit extra where his toes meet the paw and this will give a added element of protection of reduction of painful ice clumping which can cause discomfort and bruising.

 for External Use only.

Comes in a handy "take along" 2oz. tin

 Eco Note:     We encourage you to be aware if the health of your Pet's Paws has been compromised .For example if they have been on a lawn area where Herbicide (ex: lawn weed & feed) has been recently applied, or Salt products have been applied for de-icing. These environments  can be very harsh on your  Pet's Paws, Causing painful Burning & Itching Sensations. Wash Paws thoroughly, dry off gently .  Then apply a thin healing layer of Whispering Creek Paw Treatment.


Simplify, Soften & Soothe....Naturally!


Ingredients:Shea Butter (with Naturally occuring vitamin A, E & F) Natural Pure Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Proprietory Formula including Eco Soy.   Has a Pleasant  Natural Scent !

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