Whispering Creek Botanicals Natural Beard Care Conditioning Oil

Whispering Creek Botanicals Rocky Mountain Natural Beard Care Conditioning Oil

Maintain a Healthy Beard using our Premier Natural Beard Care Oil.  Our Natural Botanical  Blend will help your beard feel softer & smoother while adding in natural skin conditioning Oils.  Your Facial skin underneanth a beard area can become dry, itchy  and uncomfortable. We use our Natural conditoning formula designed with Moisturizing Jojoba Seed Oil , Coconut Oil & Natural Vitamin E  to create the Ultimate in Beard Care. Begin a daily routine, using a small amount of this lightweight (never heavy or greasy!)Botanical Oil Blend to keep skin and beard feeling & looking healthy and well groomed. The natural scent is  very light Cedar with a hint of Sage along with Citrus & Vetiver blend, never overpowering, always pleasant!




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