Whispering Creek Botanicals Golden Jojoba Facial Conditioner

 Whispering Creek Botanicals JoJoba Facial Conditioner (Pronounced ho-ho-ba!) is one of the most beneficial natural conditioning skin emollients that you can use. It comes directly from the Jojoba Plant and feels like a silky lightweight oil but it is actually considered a liquid emollient, never greasy or heavy.

The Anti-inflammatory properties of this superior moisturizing Natural conditioner help create a amazing balance for dry skin to acne prone skin. Why? Because jojoba is very similar to the pH of your natural skin, thus creating the perfect balance without your skin creating excess oil which can lead to breakouts and red blotchy skin. It naturally deters and prevents harmful bacteria and deters microbes. Leaving your skin soft with a healthy glow.

Never greasy and always quick to penetrate our incredible Whispering Creek Botanicals Jojoba Facial Conditioner will begin soothing your skin without clogging your pores. It allows your skin to breathe easy!

Gentle and Non Allergenic our Whispering Creek Botanicals Jojoba Facial Conditioner is recommended for sensitive skin and can help with eczema and psoriasis flare-ups.


Anti Aging with deeply penetrating natural Vitamin E and B complex this skin calming and comfortable Conditioner adds much needed moisturizing properties while adding nutrition to your skin with naturally occuring vitamins, antioxidants and minerals helping to repair and condition damaged and aging skin. While Helping to slowdown the appearance of aging skin, puffines and fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving skin soft, supple and healthy! 

Directions: Apply one or two drops on fingertips and gently smooth onto face daily. Recommended morning and night applications.





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