Natural Bath Salts

Rejuevenate and Soothe your Body & Refresh your Senses with Whispering Creek Botanicals Foaming Bathing Salts's using Nature's Wonderful fresh Scents & Natural Aromatherapy.

Salt Baths have been used to draw out toxins out of the body, nourish the skin with much needed minerals, remove impurities, help relieve stress & melt away tensions while soothing aching and tired muscles.

Enjoy these incredible Premier All Natural Foaming Bathing Salts. Creating a muscle relaxing & Exquisitely deep Soothing Bathing Experience! Leaving Skin Soft and Moisturized. 

To Use: Add Several Scoops of Bath Salts to your Bath Water...then simply Relax!



Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt ,Epsom Salt,Sodium Bicarbonate,Citric Acid,Coconut ,Grape Seed,Sweet Almond,Abyssinian Seed,Rosemary Leaf  Oils, Essential Oils, May contain Botanicals additions.


Note: We do not bleach these Salts, they are naturally dried with Fresh Air & sunshine.

For External Use only

nt. WT 8oz.(226g)


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